OK Guys and Gals, Do Those Updates

I realize most of you are busy with life’s matters and seemingly lesser important things are put aside until or if we find the time.

Same is true when it comes to our computers. We’re doing a quick Google search, updating our Facebook page or website, then a pop-up tells us there is an update. Grrr, I don’t have time for that! MAYBE later.

But the honest truth is, with today’s fast internet connections, an update is usually quick and painless, and besides that, it helps keep our computers and software programs running smoothly and up to date.

And maybe the most important thing to remember when that update pop-up appears, the majority of updates, whether it be Adobe Flash or Adobe Reader, your anti-virus software, Internet Explorer, Java (if you have that installed), or even Windows itself, are security updates. Updates that patch security holes in the before mentioned software that have been discovered to be vulnerable to virus, spyware, malware and hacking attacks.

So let’s keep the bad guys out and our computers running more efficiently and do those updates!

If you feel it a bit daunting, give me a call and I can help you to make sure your computer is up to date.


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