Course Outlines

Unit 1: Windows Basics

Lesson 1: Introducing Windows

  1. Turning On the Computer
  2. The Windows Desktop
  3. Using the Mouse
  4. Using the START button
  5. Working with Common Program Features
  6. Typing Text in a Word Processor
  7. Exiting Windows Programs
  8. Properly Turning Off the Computer

Lesson 2: Working with Files

  1. Working with Windows Control Panel
  2. Understanding Windows File Organization
  3. Introducing My Documents(Windows XP),Documents (Vista, Windows 7)
  4. Using Folders
  5. Deleting and Restoring Files

Lesson 3: Using a Word Processor

  1. Defining Word Processors
  2. Introducing the MS Word Window
  3. Typing Text in Word
  4. Saving a Document for the First Time
  5. Saving a Modified Document
  6. Scrolling the Word Window
  7. Printing and Closing a Document
  8. Starting a New Blank Document
  9. Using Word’s Proofreading Aids
  10. Opening a Document
  11. Using Cut, Copy, and Paste

Unit 2: The Internet

Lesson 1: Browsing Web Pages

  1. Connecting to the Internet
  2. Using Internet Explorer
  3. Navigating with the Address Bar
  4. Navigating with Links
  5. Browsing Controls
  6. Viewing Web Pages

Lesson 2: Searching for Websites

  1. Using the Search Box
  2. Performing Basic Keyword Searches
  3. Using Tabbed Browsing
  4. Bookmarking Favorite Websites
  5. Using History View
  6. Printing Web Pages

Lesson 3: Sending and Receiving Email

  1. Introducing Webmail
  2. Signing In to Webmail
  3. Sending an Email Message
  4. Using the Inbox
  5. Replying to Messages
  6. Signing Out

Lesson 4: Sending and Receiving Attachments

  1. Assuring Internet Security
  2. Downloading Files from the Web
  3. Receiving Email Attachments
  4. Sending Attachments

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